Our Strength

Production Facility

  • Total site area: 1, 20,000 sq. feet​
  • 3 multipurpose manufacturing blocks​
  • The total volumetric capacity of the productionFacility is over 150kL​
  • Reactors range from 250 Lts to 6 kL​
  • Plant is equipped with multiple centrifuges. These include Halar, SS and Rubber lined centrifuges​
  • Multiple High Vacuum Distillation assemblies ranging from 250 Lts to 1 kl. ​
  • Total plant area: 45,000 sq. feet​
  • Variety of filtration systems:​
    • Agitated Nutsche Filter ​
    • Nutsche Filter (various sizes and MOC's) ​
    • Sparklers​
    • Pressure Filters ​
  • Multiple drying options like fluid bed dryers, tray dryers and vacuum tray dryers

Pilot Plant

  • Pilot Plant Area: 1275 sq. feet ​
  • Volumetric Capacity: 1500 Lts. ​
  • A total of 6 reactors which are divided between glass lined and SS.​
  • Reactors range from 100 Lts to 250 Lts.​
  • Adequate balancing equipment and utilities

Effluent Treatment Plant

  • At PAB we are continuously working towards minimizing waste generation and promoting recycling and green chemistry​
  • The waste water generated undergoes primary and secondary treatment at our effluent treatmentFacility before being sent to the Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) for further processing and discharge ​
  • Effluent is tested at our Environmental Lab to ensure that it meets the required norms before being sent to the CETP​
  • Our ETP is equipped with multiple filter press, aeration tank, chlorination tank, oil separating tank etc.

Technology Platform​


Chiral Chemistry ​

Resolution Chiral Pool Synthesis

Hazardous Chemistry

Sand Meyer Reaction

Organo-Metallic Chemistry ​

Hydride Reduction (NaBH4, Vitride)

Other Technology​

Friedel-crafts Reaction
High Vaccum Distillation
Cryyogenic Reaction (-70 C)