About PAB Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Quality Department

We at PAB Organics aim at achieving a high degree of quality in our products and services.

Our endeavor is to achieve international standards of quality, through continuous training and better assimilation of knowledge by the concerned people and have a corporate quality policy in place.

Our quality systems are designed as per ICH Guidelines and to implement these standards we have a training and re-training program in place. The quality department at PAB Organics is well equipped with various instruments, stability chambers etc. for all necessary testing and studies.

Quality Assurance​

We have a dedicated team of qualified chemists who aim at providing high quality products and services to our customers.
The quality assurance system ensures for the following:​
  • Vendor Qualification ​
  • Validation​​
  • Document Management ​​
  • Generating Annual Product Quality Reviews (APQR) ​​
  • Generating Common Technical Document – Quality (CTD-Q)​​
  • Periodic Training of Staff ​​
  • Investigating deviations and establishing corrective and preventive actions.​​
  • Conducting Stability Studies ​​
  • Conducting Internal Audits etc.​

Quality Control​

  • Dedicated quality control department with well qualified chemists to support our QA systems.​
  • Adequate in house analytical back up.​
  • Well equipped with a number of HPLC's and GC's​
  • Other instruments include Polarimeter, Auto titrator, etc. ​
  • Department also has access to instruments like NMR's, GCMS, IR etc.